Activities at Kool Kidz Korner

  • Inflatable Bouncy Slide

    Inflatable Bouncy Slide

    Our 13ft Platform with double lane is going to give each child the thrill and sense of achievement to climb & slide down this huge slide.

  • Soccer & Basketball Pitch

    Soccer & Basketball Pitch

    Football and basketball are excellent ways for children to interact with other children. It’s is also an excellent way for burning off plenty of energy 🙂

  • Climbing Wall

    Climbing Wall

    This wall is perfect for small children to build their strength and co-ordination!

  • Zip Wire

    Zip Wire

    Sit and swing

  • Bumper Slides

    Bumper Slides

    4 lane bumper slide – Perfect opportunity for friends to slide down together.

  • Ball Pool

    Ball Pool

    Ball pools are great fun to jump into or even perfect a place to hide in an epic game of hide and seek!

  • Cannon


    Cannons to shoot small balls at targets – great for coordination! 

  • Cargo Netting

    Cargo Netting

    For the brave kiddos, climb over the soccer area with full visibility and just ropes to hold on to! Safe netting for the adventurous kids 🙂

  • Other Activities

    Other Activities

    Dizzy wheel, twisty tunnel slides plenty of ducking and climbing across our three storey play structure 😀